How can I purchase ChemDoodle Mobile?

ChemDoodle Mobile is free for anyone who has purchased ChemDoodle for the desktop. You can purchase a copy of ChemDoodle desktop here.

Can I share my account?

Sharing of your account is prohibited by our terms of service. We constantly monitor our service for problems and abuse, and if we detect account sharing we reserve the right to immediately cancel the offending account.

Where are my molecules saved?

Your molecules are saved within local storage within your browser. Therefore, you must enable cookies and local data to save your molecules. The data is stored in the browser, not on any cloud service, so you have total control of your molecules. Keep in mind that since the data is local to your browser, your molecules are not shared between different browsers or between different devices. If you want to save a file permanently, use the Email My Molecule button.

What format are my molecules saved in?

Your molecules are saved as MDL mol files (.mol).

Are my saved molecules secure and private?

Your molecules are saved in your browser. So your data is as secure and private as however you protect your own browser. Your molecules are entirely under your own control. If you don't secure your device, then anyone with access to your browser has access to your molecules, as they would to your passwords, history, or any other data saved in your browser. So secure your device, and as always, it's prudent to clear your browser data periodically. Remember, if you want to permanently save your molecules, just email them to yourself by clicking on the Email My Molecule button in any sketcher.

Can I send all my saved molecules at once?

No. You can only send the molecule in the current sketcher. If you want to send all your saved molecules, open one at a time in any sketcher, and click the Email My Molecule button.

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